El Accesso Travels and Tours Limited visa processing assistance services is done professionally to assist genuine traveler visit their choice destinations. We are travels and tours consultants so our approach to visa processing is different and we only target leisure and business travelers. We also assist with visa application for school admission and relocation in selected destinations, subject to meeting admission and visa requirements for the selected countries

Part of our jobs is to profile every customer that comes to us for visa application and advise on the best way to apply. This sometime may mean that such applicant will need to build their travel history or may need to properly build themselves to qualify for such visas, as well as show evidence of strong ties to thier country of origins

We check documentation to ensure that they meet embassy’s requirements. Where the customer cannot meet such requirements for their visa application, we advise the customer on how to legitimately get the document. We do not provide documents for customer. Customers must ensure that they have all the right documents as required for their visa category before approaching us. Moreso, we strongly advise customers to stay away from presenting fraudulent or forged documents for their visa application, as this can permanently ruin their chances of ever getting a visa and in some cases such applicants may be prosecuted by the applicable laws of the respective country .

We advise on how best to draft your letters to the embassy, assist in booking hotel and also prepare an itinerary where necessary for your application. Our charges often includes travel health insurance and visa fees and our applicable administrative charges . We also assist in booking visa submission and visa interview appointment where applicable. We love to talk to you but if you find it easier, feel free to write to us at info@elaccessotravels.com we will be happy to call you back at your convienence, just let us know . Our missions are to assist travellers and Tourists, helping them to create the most of thier journey and ensuring that they have an authentic experience that will exceed their expectations.

DISCLAIMER: For Visa assistance and Visa applications, El Accesso Travels and Tours Limited does not accept liabilities for visa denials or refusals of visa applications submitted or processed, as decision about the issuance of visas rest on the sole discretions of the Consulates/Embassies in charge of the said application, and we would not be held liable or responsible for any negative decision whatsoever.